Hi. I’m a writer, researcher, and community all-arounder working toward better networks for human sociability and collective survival.

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The Affordance LoopOn the social internet, people who have used the biggest platforms and networks enter new ones expecting to find ~standard affordances *and* expecting that familiar interface cues will map to familiar affordances. When newer systems and tools confound those expectations, people get, *at best*, confused. At worst, they try to walk across a solid-looking but sink-into-able surface and get stuck in a bog. 20 July 2023

Qualities of LifeIn an unfortunately fascinating 1963 collection of essays on computer-simulated personality, Silvan Tomkins, the founder of affect theory, wrote 19 June 2023

All This Unmobilized LoveStraight out of undergrad, I applied to a bookselling job and didn’t get it, so I started working in tech. By the end of my first year there, I was 8 June 2023

Tomorrow & Tomorrow & TomorrowWe realize then that it is just the patterns of events in space which are repeating in the building or the town: and nothing else. Nothing of any 1 June 2023

Books I’m ReadingAs I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I’m doing a bunch of reading-like-a-grad-student* this spring to try to get my head around the current state of online 16 May 2023